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Creating a comprehensive and extremely detailed intelligence report on an activist group is a complex task that involves a mix of research, analysis, and synthesis. Such reports can be used by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or journalists for various purposes including national security, policy making, or public awareness.


Group Overview

  • Known Origins: When and how the group was formed.
  • Objectives: Clear outline of what the group aims to achieve.
  • Leadership Structure: Information on key individuals.
  • Membership: Estimated size, demographics, etc.
  • Alliances and Affiliations: Other groups, organizations, or governments that support or are supported by the activist group.


Activities and Operations

  • Campaigns: Past and current campaigns, protests, or activities.
  • Geographical Presence: Locations where the group is most active.
  • Tactics: Techniques and strategies employed.
  • Success Metrics: What counts as a win for this group?



  • Channels: Websites, social media, publications, etc.
  • Messaging: Common themes, slogans, or symbols.
  • Public Perception: How is the group viewed by the public and the media?



  • Known/Apparent Funding Sources: Where does their money come from?
  • Expenditures: How is their money spent?


Legal Standing

  • Legality: Are their activities considered legal or illegal?
  • Controversies: Past or pending legal issues or controversies.

Intelligence Report - Activst and Fringe Organizations

  • All reports are sent as a printanble PDF to the client's email address free of charge. 

    An optional hard copy is available for purchase at an additinal cost of $50 per copy to cover the cost of materials and  secure shipping via USPS.

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