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Choose your pricing plan

  • Personal/Family Plan

    Every month
    Remote Assistance & Guidance via Phone or Video Conferencing
    • 24/7 Phone and Vid Chat Access to Respond to Emergencies
    • On Demand Media Statements and Liason Services
    • On Demand Law Enforcement Liason Services
    • Litigation Assistance in Cooperation with Client Attorney
    • On Demand Threat Assessment of Persons
    • Monthly Remote Home or Office Network Security Check
    • Digital Evidence Gathering
    • Forensic Analysis of Evidence
    • Unlimited Tradecraft Virtual Training Library Access
  • Corporate Plan

    Every month
    Remote Case Assessment & Guidance via Video and Phone
    • All Benefits in the Personal Family Plan
    • Monthly Network Vulnerability Assessment
    • Monthly Counter-Surveillance Assessment
    • Person or Organization Intellgence Report (25/Mo)
    • Person or Organization Threat Assessment (15/Mo)
    • Pre-litigation Intelligence Report - Judge (1/Month)
    • Pre-litigation Intelligence Report - Attorney (1/Month)
  • Enterprise Plan

    Every month
    Ideal for Large Corporations, Organizations and VIPs
    • All Benefits in Previous Packages
    • Unlimited Person and Organization Intelligence Reports
    • Unlimited Atty and Judge Pre-litigation Intelligence Reports
    • Unlimited Threat Assessment Reports
    • On-Demand In-Person Case Support (1-3/Days) per Month
    • On-Demand In-Person Litigation Support (1-3/Days) per Month
    • 1 On-Demand 8hr In-Person Tradecraft Training (Individual)
    • 1 On-Demand 8hr In-Person Tradecraft Training (Group)
    • On-Demand In-Person Security Support
    • Daily Website and Social Media Threat Monitoring and Report
  • Personal/Family Plan

    Every year
    Annual Rate
    • All Benefits of Monthly Plan (Saving 2 Months Cost)
  • Corporate Plan

    Every year
    Annual Rate
    • All Benfits of the Monthly Plan (Saving 2 Months Cost)
  • Enterprise Plan

    Every year
    Annual Rate
    • All Benefits of Monthly Plan (Saving Over 3 Months Cost)

Below are pricing plans available for clients who anticipate a case requiring service well beyond the scope of individual services.

These plans are also for those persons and companies looking to have a ready response in place for anticipated crises due to nature of one's business or VIP status. 

All plans can be modified to fit both you needs and finances.  Call or email 24/7 to ask any questions.

Smiling businesswoman handshaking businessman at meeting negotiation. Happy woman hr manag


Personalized review of your case, thorough research until all available solutions and options are discovered. 

Initial consultations are free and are up to 1 hour and can be done, by phone or video conference.


I will provide workshop for personal action steps to stop stalking and harassment. Trainings are fully adaptable and conducted in person or virtually.

Based on desired curriculum and time constraints, courses can be structured for 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day seminars.  

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