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USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa


Using cutting edge research, stellar OSINT & HUMINT skills, with global network of contacts,
and dedication to get the justice you need and deserve.


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Litigation support



(Reid Trained)




Offer a range of services

from1 hour consultation to

beginning to end case management support.

Globally recognized and celebrated reputation of locating and disrupting stalkers/harassers and their campaigns at their source. 





I have the experience, capability, and expertise to identify critical evidence, trends and relationships others miss.  Supported by a global network of contacts and assets in government, business media and more you can be assured you will  have the actionable intelligence when you need it most.

Stalking &



Services from consultation to beginning to end case management support.

Support Media Relations

Support Law Enforcement Relations

Support Publicity Strategy

Support Evidence Gathering, Analysis and Management

Intelligence Support



Organized Crime Groups

Internal Theft

Embezzlement and Misappropration

Corporate Espionage


Competitive Intelligence

Threat Assessment

Funding Sources

Political Opposition

Social and Political Organizations

Fringe/Extremist Groups



Past Clients

Dr. Jeri (Author)

Joey helped me ENORMOUSLY and continues to do so as I was the victim of a "Nigerian Scam." Neither local law enforcement officials, the FBI, or CIA would pay any attention to me; even when my life was threatened. I called Joey, out on the Pacific Coast and I am on the East Coast, told him the 'scammers' had depleted me of ALL my money and Joey IMMEDIATELY went to work, without request for recompense from me, to identify these crooks. He has done MORE for me than all other people and law enforcement entities with whom I have pleaded for assistance. I HIGHLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend Joey Ortega to anyone who has been the victim of a crime; albeit it direct, Internet, or otherwise. This young many is MY HERO and always will remain so.

Mary A. (Hollywood Producer)

Joey did an amazing job for me in very difficult situation i was suffering a cyber attack and he was able to resolve the criminal activity quickly and he is great to work with HIGH RECCOMEND!

Marcella D.  (Singer/Songwriter)

Joey was incredibly helpful; I was being harassed online by a young lady in a country 8,000 miles away and he found her at put an end to the harassment! He did a great job and I would recommend him to everyone.

Nicole L. (Hong Kong Client)

Joey was very helpful for an issue I had, he has good instincts and makes sure you’re well looked after.

Amanda N.

I was introduced to Joey Ortega in 2014 after I was stalked, harassed and shamed online by someone that I did not know. This unstable individual had taken part of my LinkedIn profile and combined it with my social media to make up a story that was intended to impact my personal and professional life. I am an oil and gas executive and at the time I did not understand what was happening since I never had been exposed to online harassment. Joey carefully and compassionately looked over my case since the local authorities were not able to help due to the limited laws surrounding online stalking. Joey went above and beyond on gathering all the information he could while at the same time educating and empowering me on what was happening online. Joey has been able to combine all of his skills as an Investigator, CSI and Cyber Crime Analyst, Investigative Reporter and Media Personality to help victims find an outcome. I would recommend Joey to anyone needing help online from stalking, harassing and online shaming. There are very few individuals who have the ability to do what Joey does online and they are even harder to find if you need help. Once Joey Ortega has agreed to take your case he will not stop until there is a resolution and will be forever on your side.

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